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This DVD covers 12 instructional drills to create better tackling skills for football. The focus of Tackling 101 is on improving players in the off-season training program. All of the drills in this collection are pad-LESS. By laying a solid foundation and "Ready-ing" the athlete prior to any contact drills, tackling will be improved by improving the skills and attributes necessary for safe and effective performance. This DVD covers the setup, the execution of the drill, and coaching pointers. ZoneReady's Tackling 101 is the essential plan of attack to get today's football player tackling more effectively and safely. Because in football there are two kinds of tacklers: Those who "try" to make a play... And those who "choose" to make a play... Choose Victory Tackling 101 - The Field Drills DVD is 54 minutes in length

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To See Letter from Mark Lovat - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Green Bay Packers

Ed Donatell - Defensive Back Coach for the San Fransico 49ers:
"Chris Gizzi uses his playing experience and professional expertise to create a tackling instructional DVD like no other. The creativity of the drills, the effective coaching cues, and the safe application of non-padded drills is extremely valuable to coaches and players at all levels."

Tim DeRuyter - Defensive Coordinator for Texas A&M:
"With the proliferation of Spread offenses today, there is a premium on players who can tackle in space. The Tackling 101 video from ZoneReady gives excellent drills and instruction on the essential elements of tackling. The drills can be taught safely to players of all levels."

Richard Bell - 47 years experience as a NCAA Div.I-A Football Coach:
"This is a no-nonsense approach to tackling. ZoneReady wastes no time teaching how to get in position to make plays. Most impressively, they did it without pads - I'm anxious to see what they'll put together next."

Darren Perry - Secondary Coach for the Green Bay Packers:
“Great teaching mechanics and drills that can be used at all levels of coaching. Tackling is one of the base fundamentals of our game that cannot be taken for granted.”

Lonnie Marts - 11 year NFL Veteran:
"Here are my thoughts on the tackling 101 and primal practice dvds. I have not come across a more instructive teacher in the area of tackling than Chris Gizzi, I played in the NFL 11 yrs believe me when I say these drills and dvds are phenomenal. I used these drills and Gizzi's exact quotes to teach my players to tackle with ferocity in two weeks. Do yourself a favor invest in your team or athlete's future, buy the set!"

John Donehue - Tackling Coach Melbourne Storm Rugby League and AFL and Rugby Union Tackling Consultant:
“Tackling 101 is a great resource tool for any Coach or athlete serious about their contact work. It is simple, practical and easy to understand and then replicate out on the field. Chris breaks down and explains all the drills extremely well. I use his term "Position of Purpose" on a regular basis when I'm coaching to get across to the athlete the correct body position and this doesn't come without the footwork leading up to it which Chris stresses highly. I have also found these to be effective warm-up drills to get the athlete's mind right before going into the contact work. I highly recommend Tackling 101 and can't wait to see the next progression from Chris and Zoneready.”

Billy Price - Head Football Coach for the US Air Force Academy Prep. School:
"What a great product! Zone Ready had taken the basic tackling skills and incorporated them in fun, competitive drills. I will be using these drills during Spring workouts. Thanks to your help, I am positive we will be better tacklers and more competitive next year."

Jason Bornn, M.Ed - Saugus High School Head Varsity Football Coach and Associate Athletic Director:
“Tackling 101 has been a great addition to how we approach and teach tackling from winter to spring. The fundamentals used are ones that are safe, effective, and teach the proper technique of getting to the ball carrier, pre-contact body posture, and proper follow through once contact is made. Each drill on the video is diagramed, explained, and demonstrated by athletes on the video with Coach Gizzi walking through the fundamentals. Finally, after each demo, a list of "do's and don'ts" is presented as well. It has been a huge benefit to our coaches and players and the techniques presented will be ones we use for many years to come."

Kevin Moen - Head Football Coach at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School:
"In today's environment, the more we can do to teach effective tackling - the better off we are. I like the fact that we can stress tackling year 'round and the drills you have put together are perfect for non contact teaching. We sometimes over emphasis the hitting position and head placement at the expense of foot movement. If you can't get to the tackle, then your body position will not matter."

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